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Put Your Hand Up For Canada!

We are committed to promoting security for Canadians, from Coast to Coast through research and national dialogue.

For Canada’s 150th Birthday support CDA Institute, by donating to help support the Canadian security and defence research.


Upon donating, you will receive the following:

  1. A charitable donation receipt
  2. Regular electronic updates of CDA Institute publications and research, including Vimy Papers, On Track, and the Executive Director’s Security & Defence Briefing.
  3. Access to our online archive of publications.
  4. Unless otherwise requested by individual donors, the donors will have their names listed on the CDA Institute’s website.

Donor Levels

Partner – $300

Bronze level – $1,000

Silver level – $5,000

Gold level – $10,000

Platinum level – $25,000 (the CDA Institute considers this level as a two year donation)

Benefactor – $50,000 (the CDA Institute considers this level as a three year donation

President’s Circle – $100,000+ (The CDA Institute considers this level as a five year donation)

To donate please fill out pdf form or select the dollar sign below.

For more information please contact Tony Battista or Jennifer Giguere

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