Books Available for Review

If you are interested in writing a book review for the CDA Institute, please contact Dr. Craig Leslie Mantle, Director of Research & Senior Editor, The CDA Institute also welcomes reviews of books not listed here that are relevant to the historical and contemporary discussion of Canadian security and defence broadly interpreted.  Although the selection is somewhat limited at the moment, more books will be added as they become available. Check back often and happy reading!


Military History

Patrick M. Dennis, Reluctant Warriors – Canadian Conscripts and the Great War (UBC Press, 2017).

Geoffrey Hayes, Crerar’s Lieutenants – Inventing the Canadian Junior Army Officer, 1939-45 (UBC Press, 2017).

Meghan Fitzpatrick, Invisible Scars – Mental Trauma and the Korean War (UBC Press, 2017).

Frances Ennis and Bob Wakeham, eds., I Remain Your Loving Son – Intimate Stories of Beaumont-Hamel (Flanker Press, 2017).


Books Currently Under Review

Nigel Cave, Beaumont Hamel – Newfoundland Park (Flanker Press, 2016).

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