Ottawa, ON – Lieutenant General Whitecross will be awarded the 27th annual Vimy Award during the Vimy Award Gala, November 2, 2018.

“We are very pleased to be welcoming Lieutenant General Whitecross to our community of Vimy Award recipients.  She is an outstanding Canadian who throughout her personal and professional life has demonstrated a strong commitment to the values and principles of our country.  At home and abroad, she has set a standard for strong, inclusive leadership and personal dedication that will inspire men and women across Canada and around the world.”  Matthew Overton, Executive Director, Conference of Defence Association and Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

“I am tremendously honored and humbled to be acknowledged by such a prestigious award. Thanks goes in large part to those who have supported me in my personal and professional life.”  Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross.

About the Vimy Award

Established in 1991, the Vimy Award annually recognizes Canadians who have made outstanding commitments to Canadian security and defence and towards preserving our democratic values, normally as a life-long achievement.

The award honours the bravery and sacrifice of the Canadian soldiers – comprising the four divisions of the Canadian Corps – who were victorious in the battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917.

About the Recipient

Lieutenant-General Christine Whitecross personifies commitment. This commitment is demonstrated in her service to Canada, her community and her family. Contributing directly and impressively to the security and defence of our country, Lieutenant-General Whitecross is an exemplary role model for all Canadians.

Lieutenant-General Whitecross, a highly successful woman in a domain traditionally dominated by men, has served with distinction in key leadership roles for Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces at home and abroad.  She has made a strong impact professionally and personally in promoting the security, defence and values of Canada. Lieutenant-General Whitecross sets an enduring example of public and personal service for all Canadians.

In addition to her professional service to Canadian security and defence, Lieutenant-General Whitecross has consistently lived her life in the service of other Canadians. Despite her arduous professional duties, she was a member of the Rotary Club for more than 10 years working to improve communities and being an agent for change. She served as local club president three times. Lieutenant-General Whitecross also contributed to projects such as Christmas Hampers, the Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa and city clean-ups. With her husband, Ian, they have been foster parents to more than 30 children while raising their own. Their children, Christopher, Shaynah, Brianne, and Ian’s daughter, Natasha, have all undertaken careers with a focus on service to community, a testament to the example they have set.

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