The 2018 Vimy Gala is now but memories, but what memories they were!  Not only were we able to acknowledge and celebrate with our 2018 Vimy Award recipient, Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross, but also our 2018 Captain Nichola Goddard Award recipient, Dr Stéfanie von Hlatky.  An additional highlight was welcoming the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada, to his first Vimy Gala since taking office.  He joined with representatives of the military, public service, veterans, industry and academic sectors to our two Award winners for their outstanding and continuing contributions to the security and defence of Canada.

Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross, cmm, msm, cd

“We understand that diversity around the table contributes to better ideas, policy, program development, operations, public consultations, services and working conditions. We need only look at examples in deployments such as Afghanistan, where we had men and women combat leaders. The women were the only ones who could speak and garner intelligence from the local women in a village. The same went for persons who spoke the local languages and could therefore communicate with the local militia or elders. This diversity was a formidable enabler to our mission. Canada’s battle-tested experiences at home and abroad have demonstrated the value diversity plays in executing successful operations. Another reason for my pride”

Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross, CMM, MSM, CD 2018 Vimy Award recipient

Doctor Stéfanie von hlatky

“Canada was a pioneer when it came to opening up all roles to women in the military. When other countries’ armed forces followed suit, they looked to Canada for guidance. But like this award, recognition comes with responsibility. A responsibility to work our hardest, to push the boundaries even when the burden of change feels heavy and to empower the next generation to beat us at it”

Doctor Stéfanie von Hlatky, 2018 Captain Nichola Goddard Award recipient

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Alion Science and Technology

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