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Daniel Gosselin

Daniel Gosselin

Daniel Gosselin has over 39 years of experience in the Canadian Armed Forces, having served in several command and staff assignments.

He enrolled in the CAF as a military engineer. He retired from the CAF as a Major-General in 2011, and his last three tours of service included Commander of the Canadian Defence Academy, Director General International Security Policy in the Policy Group at NDHQ, and Chief of Staff of the CF Transformation Team in 2005/06. He is a former Commandant of the Canadian Forces College. In 2012-2013, he completed a ten-month assignment as the Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff, a role he continues to perform occasionally.

He holds three post-graduate degrees, in civil engineering, war studies, and public administration. He mentors senior officers and executives of the National Security Programme of the Canadian Forces College, and is a sessional lecturer at both the Canadian Forces College and the Royal Military College of Canada. He also occasionally acts as a consultant on defence governance and accountability, and civil-military relations in Canada. He has written articles and book chapters on command, civil-military relations and defence management.

His most recent article, “Unelected, Unarmed Servants of the State” was published in the Summer 2014 edition of the Canadian Military Journal.

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