VOLUME 23 ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: A BLUE PRINT FOR STABILITY? Arctic Regional Order As A Model For The South China Sea

VOLUME 22ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Canadian Defence Policy Review For A New Mandate

VOLUME 21/1 ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Europe In The Grip Of Two Crises

VOLUME 21/2ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Australia And Canada – Different Boats For Different Folks

VOLUME 20/1 ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Global Strategic Landscape

VOLUME 20/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Assessing Canada’s Approach To China’s Rise

VOLUME 20/3 ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: A Critical Look At Emerging Canadian Defence Policy

VOLUME 19/1ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Ballistic Missile Defence – A New Imperative

VOLUME 19/2ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: CAF, ISIS, Jihadi Brides, Procurement Hits Close To Home

VOLUME 18/1ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The 2013 Ottawa Conference on Defence and Security

VOLUME 18/2ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Asia-Pacific – Time for a Canadian Pacific Pivot? Can a security shift be far behind?

VOLUME 17/1ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The 2012 Ottawa Conference on Defence and Security

VOLUME 17/2ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Canada’s Strategic Challenges

VOLUME 17/3ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Wise advice before U.S. Defence goes over the Fiscal Cliff

VOLUME 16/1ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Building a Legacy: Canada’s OMLT & the Mentoring of the ANSF

VOLUME 16/2ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Strategic Threat of Cyber Attack

VOLUME 16/3ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Report on Transformation: A leaner NDHQ?

VOLUME 16/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: LIBYA: Canada’s Contribution

VOLUME 15/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Power Projection and the Canadian Forces

VOLUME 15/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: International Trade and National Security in Historical Perspective

VOLUME 15/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Today’s Canadian Soldier and the Mission in Afghanistan

VOLUME 15/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: What next for the Canadian Forces?

VOLUME 14/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Canada-US Defence Relations After the Obama Visit

VOLUME 14/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Afghanistan: The Next Phase

VOLUME 14/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The State of the Canadian Army

VOLUME 14/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Canadian Naval Centennial 1910-2010

VOLUME 13/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: WHAT IMPACT Would A New American President Have on Canada? 

VOLUME 13/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: War and National Interest

VOLUME 13/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: General Rick Hillier Has Led the Way

VOLUME 13/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Afghan War: The Pakistani Dimensions

VOLUME 12/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: North American Defence Cooperation – Canada, Mexico, and the United States

VOLUME 12/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Afghanistan – Looking Beyond February 2009

VOLUME 12/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Realism in Canadian Foreign Policy

VOLUME 11/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Creating an Acquisition Model That Delivers

VOLUME 11/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: A Simple Decision Model for Fixing the Defence Procurement Process

VOLUME 11/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Canada’s Military Fix: The illusion and the Reality

VOLUME 11/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The 75th Anniversary of the Conference of Defence Associations

VOLUME 10/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Where is the Realistic Vision of Our Future Security?

VOLUME 10/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: A Defence Policy Statement 2005: A Defence Policy for the 1990s?

VOLUME 10/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Managing US and Canadian Defence in North America

VOLUME 10/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: NATO Transformation: Canada’s Contribution, by General Rick Hillier

VOLUME 9/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Summary of the CDA Institute’s 20th Annual Seminar

VOLUME 9/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Operation ECHO and Eagle Team Kosovo

VOLUME 9/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Challenge of Producing a Credible Defence Policy

VOLUME 9/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Counter-Insurgency and the Structure of Canada’s Army


VOLUME 8/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Containing the Spread of Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

VOLUME 8/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Who Killed The Canadian Military?

VOLUME 8/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: A Claxton Paper: Canada Without Armed Forces?

VOLUME 7/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Combat Capability and The Canadian Forces

VOLUME 7/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: At a crossroads

VOLUME 7/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2002

VOLUME 7/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Sovereignty, Defence, and Global Security Defending Canada’s interests in the 21st Century

VOLUME 6/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: CDA INinstitute 17th Annual Seminar- The Canadian Forces and the Public

VOLUME 6/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Canadian Forces More Capable In An Unpredictable World

VOLUME 6/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Caught In The Middle: Operational Readiness And The Canadian Forces

VOLUME 6/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Combat Capability : Where Are We Now? – A Political Perspective

VOLUME 5/1 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Is The Defence Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?

VOLUME 5/2 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Canadian Forces: A Vital Instrument Of Our Domestic And Foreign Policy

VOLUME 5/3 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: Stability And Prosperity: The Benefits Of Investment In Defence

VOLUME 5/4 – ISSUE SPOTLIGHT: The Canadian Forces And The Public: Building Our Relationship



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