Building Security and Defence in the Canadian Economy | Small Wars, Big Data


CDA Institute Roundtables

The CDA Institute, in collaboration with the 13th Defence and Security Economists Workshop, is pleased to be hosting two panel discussions of that will interest policy makers, commentators and researchers of security and defence for Canada.


Both panels will be held at the Senate Boardroom, Robertson Building, Carleton University on 26 October 2018.


Building Security and Defence in the Canadian Economy

9:00am to 10:20am | 09h00 au 10h20


The role played by Canadian companies, both domestically and internationally, in building security and defence for Canada is little discussed and poorly understood. Join our panelists for an informed discussion on how leveraging Canadian expertise in a variety of sectors to provide world class security and defence capabilities not only contributes to a safer world for Canadians, but also expands the Canadian economy.



Panel Host Dr Meghan Fitzpatrick, Director of Research and Senior Editor, CDA Institute

Dr. Craig Stone, Canadian Forces College

Professor Kim Nossal, Director, Centre for International and Defence Policy, Queen’s University

Moderator Col Charles Davies (Ret’d), Research Fellow, CDA Institute


Small Wars, Big Data

10:40am to noon | 10h40 au 12h00


The way wars are fought has changed starkly over the past sixty years. International military campaigns used to play out between large armies at central fronts. Today’s conflicts find major powers facing rebel insurgencies that deploy elusive methods, from improvised explosives to terrorist attacks. Small Wars, Big Data presents a transformative understanding of these contemporary confrontations and how they should be fought. The authors show that a revolution in the study of conflict – enabled by vast data, rich qualitative evidence, and modern methods – yields new insights into terrorism, civil wars, and foreign interventions. Modern warfare is not about struggles over territory but over people; civilians – and the information they might choose to provide – can turn the tide at critical junctures.



Panel Host Dr Meghan Fitzpatrick, Director of Research and Senior Editor, CDA Institute

Author Eli Berman, University of California San Diego

Ryan Compton, University of Manitoba

MGen (Ret’d) Denis Thompson, Research Fellow, CDA Institute

Dane Rowlands, Carleton University

LCol Luis Carvallo, Canadian Armed Forces

Karl Skogstad, Lakehead University


Entry is free / No registration required
Please advise the Workshop convener, Dr Ugurhan Berkok at that you will be attending.

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