Let’s Start at Chapter One – New Date to be announced


Due to unavoidable developments, this workshop has been postponed.

Further details on the rescheduled date will be posted as soon as possible.


A one-day workshop discussion on the personnel challenges facing the Canadian Armed Forces in meeting the expectations of “Strong, Secure, Engaged”


The 2017 Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, Engaged” made a strong statement on the central and critical role that Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel in delivering defence for Canada and Canadians. Starting at Chapter One, the Canadian Government laid out a series of ambitious goals on engagement with the Canadian public, the recruiting of Canadians from all walks of life into the the growing number of skill areas required for military operations of the future and then ensuring that individuals had greater choice and flexibility in how they pursued their military careers.

From building a military team that is inclusive of the diversity to be found in the Canadian population, to full and part time employment through to better health and family support during and after military service, the objectives laid out in Chapter One of “Strong, Secure, Engaged” are among the most challenging of the entire 111 initiatives contained in the policy.

The central role for personnel issues also hightlights that the “people” challenges represent the largest investment of Defence spending. Ensuring the CAF secures and retains the right numbers and skillsets of recruits and trained service personnel for the ever-widening range of tasks that will be required for operational success and meeting the philosophy of “People First, Mission Always”.

“Lets Start at Chapter One” provides for not only a discussion of some of the challenges that the CAF, and others, must overcome to build a modern and high-performing team for the future, but also some of the innovative and effective strategies that are being used in Canada to do just that.

During the day, participants will be able to hear from leading defence and security leaders as well as experienced HR practitioners plus as contribute their own experiences during workshops on several key questions that are at the top of the list for the CAF to address.

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Listen to high-impact and insightful presentations from our speakers and panelists:


Confirmed Keynote speaker


The Hon Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence


Confirmed Speakers

Lieutenant-General Charles Lamarre, CAF Commander of Military Personnel Command


Mr Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, CEO, VIA Rail





RCMP Chief Superintendent Ron Smith, Director General Workforce Programs and Services


CAF Major General Steve Whelan, Chief of Staff, Military Personnel Command


CAF Commodore Rebecca Patterson, Director General CAF Strategic Response Team – Sexual Misconduct


RCMP Superintendent Daniel Fitzpatrick, Acting Director General Learning and Development


Ms Pamela Jeffery, Founder of the Canadian Board Diversity Council and currently National Lead, Inclusion and Diversity Strategy Practice, KPMG Canada


Other panelists to be announced


Participate in inclusive and progressive workshops on engaging Canadians in protecting our nation and citizens


During the afternoon, all participants will be part of facilitated workshops to address three discussion areas:


Culture Transformation: A Practical View into the Employee of Today and the Skills Required for Success


Flexible Employment Paths: A New View to Attracting and Retaining Talent


Accessing the Talent Required for Success: New and Improved Recruitment Strategies


Attendees will also receive a consolidated report on the activities and conclusions of the full day.



Reschedule Date to be announced, 8:30am until 4:30pm



KPMG Ottawa Offices, 150 Elgin St, Suite 1800, Ottawa


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