Our latest Security and Defence Briefing (3-2016) is now available. We are pleased to repost Tony Battista’s From the Desk of the Chief Executive Officer column.

Le gouvernement est en train d’effectuer des consultations publiques dans le cadre d’un processus de Revue de la politique de défense du Canada (RPD). Les quatre tables rondes qui étaient déjà réalisée à travers le pays ont eu lieu à Vancouver, Toronto, Yellowknife et Edmonton. Trois autres tables rondes devraient avoir lieu dans les semaines à venir, incluant une septième table ronde qui était ajoutée tardivement pour consulter l’industrie de la défense.

At the CDA and CDA Institute, we have been busy offering input on Canadian security and defence policy in light of the DPR. For instance, with no planned DPR Roundtable in Ottawa, we decided to hold our own, by-invitation event on the DPR on 11 May 2016, where two of the four members of the Minister of National Defence Advisory Panel (MAP), General Ray Henault (retired) and Margaret Purdy, participated in a modified town hall session. The event, moderated by LGen George MacDonald (retired), gave our institutional stakeholders and security and defence constituency the opportunity to share their views on key DPR issues.

In addition, the CDA Institute held two Roundtable discussions that explored different perspectives on the DPR, one with LGen Michael Day (Ret’d) and one with BGen Matthew Overton. Our next Roundtable with Retired National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Richard Fadden, takes place on 28 June 2016, and I recommend that you register soon, as seating is limited. Looking further ahead, we are pleased to have a number of prominent speakers in coming months for our Roundtable series, including US General John Allen (September), Minister of Veterans Affairs Kent Hehr and Dr. Nick Carleton (October), and Lieutenant-General Michael Hood, Commander of the RCAF (October).

The CDA and CDA Institute will be responding to numerous media and specialized requests in the coming weeks, including by having key individuals serve as witnesses at a Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence meeting on the DPR. The CDA Institute will also collaborate with academics and university partners in a special Workshop event on the DPR on August 8th. Our Golf Tournament Fundraiser at Hylands Golf Course was rescheduled to 26 September 2016, and I hope to see many of you there.

Our research output has also grown in recent months to reflect the importance of contributing thoughtful analysis on Canadian security and defence. For instance, we’ve released five CDA Institute Analyses by prominent defence experts offering different perspectives and recommendations on Canadian defence policy, including an analysis that collected the opening remarks and written statements presented at our Special Event on May 11. We are planning for more CDA Institute Analyses in the coming weeks and months.

Le blog de l’Institut de la CAD: Le Forum continue de fournir des commentaires informés et en temps opportun sur divers sujets, dont la RPD. Notre directeur de la recherche et rédacteur en chef, Dr David McDonough, a publié la Cahier Vimy intitulée « Canada, NORAD, and Missile Defence: Prospects for Canadian Participation in BMD ». Ceux-ci et d’autres matériaux se rapportant directement à la RPD ont été bien situés à une page spéciale sur notre site Web.

Nous sommes également heureux de publier le rapport annuel de l’Institut de la CAD pour l’année fiscal 2015-2016, le premier du genre depuis 2011, lorsque le rapport annuel était publié la dernière fois. Ce document capture les événements, la recherche et les activités de publication menés par l’Institut de la CAD, ainsi que les activités réalisées en partenariat avec la CAD. Ce rapport donne un aperçu de la dernière année fiscal et offre un précieux rappel de ce que nous avons accompli au cours de cette période.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the selection of CDA Institute team member Dr David McDonough by Vanguard magazine as a “Vanguard Game Changer.” Individuals awarded the title of “Vanguard Game Changer” play an important role within the security and defence constituency, either within the defence industry, or through education, research, or policy initiatives. David has been Research Manager and Senior Editor at the CDA Institute for almost two years and he is directly responsible for the world-class content found in all of the CDA Institute’s publications and on-line products.

I consider it an honour to have such a bright mind and “game changer” amongst our ranks at the CDA and the CDA Institute. Please click here to see the full article where he gives excellent advice to “enjoy what you do and be prepared to change course if you must do so.” On behalf of all of us at the CDA and the CDA Institute, congratulations Dr. ‘Dave’!

And speaking of ‘game changer’, I would like to note the next CDA Institute Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) which will be held at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, 13-14 October 2016. We are pleased with the first round of student submissions with many more to come. At this event, the CDA Institute, in collaboration with Vanguard Magazine, will be announcing a new award for younger Canadians. I recommend to all our readers to watch for upcoming announcements for the GSS event.
I also wish to welcome our latest Research Fellow – BGen Dr. Jim Cox (Ret’d), who joins a growing list of former military professionals, policy-makers, and scholars. Une chaleureuse bienvenue Jim!

Lastly, a number of new Analysts have contributed to our activities, including two co-op students (Oksana Drozdova and Geoff Tasker) from the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and Robert Legere, who recently graduated with a BA from Carleton University. On behalf of all of us, I give my heartfelt welcome to these young professionals to our small, but incredibly hard-working team.

Tony Battista

This briefing can be downloaded here. Its contents include

  • From the Desk of the Chief Executive Officer
  • Vimy Paper – by David McDonough
  • Annual Report FY 2015-2016
  • CDA Institute Analyses – DPR
  • Fortress Canada: How much of a military do we really need?
  • Super Hornets and the F-35 Lightning II: Lessons from Denmark
  • Defence Policy Review: Broad overall or strategic investment
  • The Case to Merge VAC and DND
  • Openness, Transparency…and ‘Interim’ Super Hornets?
  • CDA Institute Blog: The Forum
  • In the News
  • Media Roundup
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