The CDA Institute’s Security and Defence Briefings are periodical publications, covering important events, publications and media coverage of the security and defence issues of the day.

rsz 17 june 2016 sd17 June 2016: Public Consultations and the Defence Policy Review

rsz 20 april 2016 sdcover20 April 2016: Contributing to the Defence Policy Review

rsz february 2016 cover10 February 2016: A New Year at the National Office

4 december 2015 sd cover4 December 2015: New Government and New Crises

23 October 2015 SDcover23 October 2015: A New Liberal Government in Ottawa

June 25 20151 September 2015: Election Season is Upon Us!

June 25 201524 July 2015: Changing of the Guard

June 25 201525 June 2015: The Beginning of Summer

rsz may 2222 May 2015: Remembrance and Reminders 

April 2727 April 2015: A Question of Defence Sustainability

rsz sd briefing cover 2 26 March 2015: A Time of Transition



rsz ottawa conference with cda cda institute web03 March 2015: Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence

rsz je-suis-charlie      21 Jan 2014: Shots Heard Around the World

rsz planes    11 Dec 2014: International Insights for the New Year

rsz flag1    4 Nov 2014: Ottawa Attacked


rsz iraq23 Sept 2014: Intervention in Iraq

rsz nato 12 Sept 2014: NATO Missions and Spending

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