The CDA Institute enthusiastically welcomes research submissions from the academic and professional communities. We are pleased to present the following guidelines to help prospective authors with their submissions and to help ensure a continued high quality of publications.

  1. Please do not submit a manuscript while it is being considered elsewhere. If a manuscript is accepted, we reserve the right to edit it to conform to our stylistic standards and space constraints. Article authors will be provided galley proofs for approval before publication.
  2. When submitting a manuscript, please include the following in an email sent to
  • A draft of your article as an attachment
  • Illustrations and graphics as a separate attachment, not embedded in the article
  • A brief biographical summary
  1. Fact Checking
  • We welcome authors from any background: serving military members, students, professionals, or retired personnel. However, we would like to encourage you to focus on areas at the core of your expertise.
  • Research articles for ON TRACK and CDA Institute Analyses require an additional degree of methodological rigour.
  • While Issue Briefs, Book Reviews and Feature Articles are encouraged to be written in a lively manner, these too must be closely fact checked. For shorter pieces such as Book Reviews and Issues Briefs, authors are encouraged to draw on their own personal experiences and insights to illuminate the topic.
  1. Formatting
  • For Issues Briefs to be published on the blog, please embed links in the text rather than footnotes.
  • For all other types of publications, please use footnotes (not endnotes) to help your readers follow up on your findings.
  • Please use subheadings to help break up independent ideas
  • Please use Canadianized spelling wherever appropriate
  1. Audience
  • We value clarity and direct language; please avoid military jargon and rambling prose.
  • Prospective authors should assume that the reader is intelligent but knows little of your topic; please avoid needless jargon and define clearly where necessary.

In all cases, our Research Coordinator, ON TRACK Editor, as well as members of the Research Advisory Committee will be happy to assist you in developing your manuscript.

For inquiries as to the status of your manuscript being reviewed please contact the Director of Research & Craig Mantle at

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