In the spring of 2020, the CDA Institute and Ipsos Canada conducted a survey of 2000 Canadians. The objective was to measure knowledge and familiarity with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), consumption of positive and negative storylines about the CAF in media sources, and how these factors drive propensity to serve or recommend service in the CAF, broken down by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education level, etc. The report is meant to provide original insights and new avenues to enhance recruitment efforts and outreach strategies, to help the DND/CAF tailor its messaging, reach the right audience, attract the right skill sets, and achieve its ambitious diversity objectives.

Key findings:

  • The more familiar Canadians are with the CAF, the more likely they are to recommend service to others.
  • Greater or lesser consumption of positive/negative news stories does not have a significant impact on willingness to consider service or recommend service to others.
  • Canadians are resonating more with positive news stories, over negative ones.
  • Segments of the population can be swayed by what they consume in the media to reconsider recommending service.

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