Canada is trying to plot its way safely through a time of tectonic change in global affairs. The post-war period of US-led development of a rules-based international order is giving way to a more multi-polar environment where very different perspectives of what “rules-based” international relationships mean, and how they should be applied, are emerging. At the same time, the US has clearly tired of its decades-long role as a leader and guarantor of key elements of the global security and economic systems.


Enter President Donald Trump. His unexpected election in 2016 was both a product of these global and internal US trends and in many ways a reinforcement of them.  Against this backdrop, the CDA Institute hosted a round-table event at the KPMG offices in Ottawa, Ontario that focused on the resulting challenges for Canada. The CDA Institute provided four graduate students to act as rapporteurs, to capture the essence of each speaker’s comments and the discussions that followed.

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