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The CDA Institute is pleased to announce a Roundtable with Richard Fadden, Former National Security Advisor for the Prime Minister on 28 June 2016 at 1030 to 1300 hrs. Registration is now open.


Re-Assessing Red Lines: What the conventional wisdom misses about the 2013 Chemical Weapons Crisis in Syria: CDA Institute guest contributor John Mitton, a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, challenges conventional wisdom about US President Obama’s “red-line” on Syria.

“CDA & CDA Institute Special Event – Defence Policy Review” – Written Statement by Elinor Sloan: The CDA and CDA Institute hosted a Defence Policy Review special event on May 11, 2016. The following is Dr. Elinor Sloan’s written statement.

“CDA & CDA Institute Special Event – Defence Policy Review” – Written Statement by Michael Cessford: The CDA and CDA Institute hosted a Defence Policy Review special event on May 11, 2016. The following is CDA Institute Research Fellow Michael Cessford’s written statement.

L’ingérence de la Russie dans le conflit entre l’Arménie et l’Azerbaïdjan : Blogueur pour l’Institut de la CAD, Michael Lambert, doctorant au Collège doctoral de la Sorbonne (France) et à l’Université de Tampere (Finlande) partage ses reflexions sur l’engagement de la Russie dans le conflit entre l’Arménie et et l’Azerbaïdjan. Cet article fait partie du projet « Caucasus Without Borders ».


Recherche de vétérans sans abris: succès pour « Côte à Côte Tour Service » à Montréal (45e Nord) : Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada) tenait une « marche » nationale à la recherche d’anciens combattants en période de crise ou qui sont sans abri ou à risque de le devenir.

‘We fought like lions,’ Trudeau says of soldiers as newest war monument unveiled (The Canadian Press): Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a speech at the unveiling of Canada’s newest war monument in a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of CFB Borden, the country’s largest military base.

U.S. may turn to Canada for help with new NATO force in east Europe (Globe and Mail): Britain, Germany and the United States are ready to commit troops to create the military deterrent against Russia. However, NATO still requires a fourth country to provide more forces, leaving room for Canada to participate.

Le premier ministre Trudeau a dévoilé un monument commémoratif à la BFC Borden (45e Nord) : Le premier ministre Justin Trudeau s’est rendu à la Base des Forces canadiennes Borden aujourd’hui pour prendre part au dévoilement du nouveau monument commémoratif de Borden dans le cadre des célébrations entourant le centenaire de la Base

Lockheed Martin still has hopes to sell Canada F-35 fighter jets (The Star): The company building the F-35 fighter jet is seeking a chance to compete in an open and fair competition to provide the next generation of airplanes to Canada’s military.

Aging CF-18s could leave air force without a fighter jet, defence minister warns (The Star): Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan suggests there is growing urgency to move on the file before the CF-18s stop flying.

Veteran Affairs shifts stance on man who served for Norway in Second World War (The Star): The Department of Veterans Affairs is reassessing whether “resistance service” veterans qualify for federally funded medical care.

Des Super Hornet en attendant un appel d’offres? (Le Devoir) : Le gouvernement Trudeau ne nie pas la rumeur voulant qu’il envisage d’acheter des Super Hornet. Cette solution intérimaire doit contribuer à résoudre les problèmes avec la flotte vieillissante de CF-18.

Canada still has leverage in Saudi LAV deal, Stéphane Dion says (The Star): Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion insists that export permits allow Canada to ensure that its military equipment is not misused.

HMCS Windsor’s supercharger repair may delay its arrival to NATO exercise (CBC News): The submarine is to be showcased during NATO media event on June 20. The problems with its supercharger might delay its arrival, however.

L’épouse du Gouverneur général, Sharon Johnston, nommée capitaine de vaisseau honoraire (45e Nord) : Sharon Johnston a été nommée capitaine de vaisseau honoraire du Commandement du personnel militaire des Forces armées canadiennes. La cérémonie d’investiture était tenue au Collège militaire royal, à Kingston (Ontario).

Lockheed Martin may shift F-35 fighter work away from Canada (Reuters): The US based firm is studying whether to shift work on its multibillion-dollar F-35 fighter jet away from Canadian firms amid uncertainty over Ottawa’s plans to buy the jet.

Canadian aerospace firms slam government for favouring Super Hornets over F-35s (National Post): A group of companies involved in the F-35 project criticized the Super Hornet, and warned the government that Canada’s aerospace industry will be permanently hamstrung if Ottawa doesn’t stick with the stealth fighter.

Canada-US partnership aims to end no-fly list mix up (CBC News): The Canadian government announced it has created an office to assist passengers mistakenly barred from flights over security concerns.

Canada has started ‘official’ talks with Iran to renew ties, says Stéphane Dion (CBC News): Despite hesitation over Iran’s human rights record, Dion states Canada is beginning to reengage with the country diplomatically after all ties were cut in 2012.

HMCS Windsor back at sea after engine problems (The Star): The Canadian sub HMCS Windsor is back at sea following engine repairs and navy commanders are confident the maintenance issues will not imperil its participation in NATO exercises later this month.

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