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rsz senate testimony analysis june 2016Read the latest CDA Institute Analysis: “Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence: Written Statements and Testimony on the DPR,” with written statements from CDA and CDA Institute CEO Tony Battista, CDA Institute Chair of the Board of Directors Daniel Gosselin, and Research Fellows Charles Davies and Michael Cessford.

Read the latest Security & Defence Briefing: “Public Consultations and the Defence Policy Review.”


A Mixed Fighter Fleet for Canada? Super Hornets, F-35s, and the challenge of comparisons: CDA Institute guest contributor Peter Layton, a Visiting Fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute in Queensland Australia, offers his thoughts on Canada’s potential plan to acquire Super Hornets as a bridging capability.

Turkey at the Precipice: Can Erdoğan’s power play provoke a coup?: CDA Institute Analyst Oksana Drozdova examines the recent political events in Turkey and discusses the likelihood of them resulting in a military coup.

Iran’s Ballistic Missile Testing and the Nuclear Deal: A matter of perspective: CDA Institute guest contributor Lauren Cardinal, an MPA candidate at Queen’s School of Policy Studies, comments on Iran’s recent ballistic missile testing and what it means to the JCPOA nuclear deal.

Security and Defence Briefing (3–2016) – From the Desk of the Chief Executive Officer: Our latest Security and Defence Briefing (3–2016) is now available. We are pleased to repost Tony Battista’s From the Desk of the Chief Executive Officer column.

Toronto DPR: Putting policy before politics: CDA Institute Analyst Geoff Tasker offers an analytical survey of what was discussed at the government’s DPR-focused roundtable in Toronto.

Reviewing Canada’s Arctic Capability: Suggestions for the Defence Policy Review: CDA Institute guest contributor Adam Lajeunesse, a post-doctoral fellow at St. Jerome University, offers suggestions on how the government can approach the Arctic in the context of the Defence Policy Review.


RCAF commemorates anniversary of the crash of Boxtop Flight 22: (RCAF News) Ceremonial flyby of crash site held 25 years after the aircraft crashed while on mission in the Arctic, killing five officers on board.

Six Rangers canadiens du Nunavik à l’honneur lors d’une cérémonie à Montréal (45e Nord) : Les 42 années de service de quatre Rangers canadiens du Nunavik ont été soulignés lors d’une cérémonie à Montréal.

Décès soudain d’un jeune militaire à Borden (45e Nord) : Le sous-lieutenant Éric Leclerc a été retrouvé sans vie tard samedi soir le 18 juin, dans sa chambre sur la base militaire de Borden en Ontario.

Stakeholders struggling to get through to government on jet replacement: (The Hill Times) Lobbyists and representatives for the defence industry are keen to hear more from government, given all the speculation lately on how the government plans to deal with its aging fleet of CF-18 jets.

Russia urges Canada not to join new NATO force in Eastern Europe: (The National Post): In a sharply worded statement, the Russian embassy in Ottawa said the planned NATO force for Eastern Europe risks distracting from “the real existential threat” facing Canada and Russia: ISIL and terrorism.

Israeli F-35 deal could provide Canada a way to gain more work for its companies: (The National Post) Israel received its first F-35 fighter jets Wednesday in a deal that the Defence Department’s former procurement chief says could provide a blueprint for Canada to get even more work for its aerospace companies.

Navy’s supply ship could be equipped to allow it to take on disaster-relief missions: (The National Post) The company providing an interim supply ship for Canada’s navy is looking to expand the vessel’s disaster-relief capabilities, a role identified by the Liberal government as a key future military mission.

Cérémonie de remise des diplômes et de collation des grades de fin d’année universitaire au Collège des Forces canadiennes (Nouvelles du CFC) : La cérémonie annuelle de remise des diplômes et de collation des grades s’est déroulée au Collège des Forces canadiennes à North York, en Ontario.

Boeing says Canadian firms will be given aviation work: (The Globe and Mail) Boeing could include civil aviation work opportunities for Canadian firms if the country were to purchase F/A-18E/F Super Hornets to replace its aging fighter jets, company executives stated.

Norwegian veteran admitted into Halifax care facility: (CBC News) The family of a decorated Norwegian-Canadian war hero says that after months of struggle, Petter Blindheim, 94, will finally be admitted to a Halifax veterans’ hospital for long-term care.

Former naval commander laments smaller, weaker Canadian navy: (CBC News) In speech directed at the new government, the incoming deputy commander of the Canadian military delivered a harsh critique of political and bureaucratic indecision and its harm to the navy.

Vicki Heyman gives speech of tolerance at Iftar in Ottawa (5th City Hall Iftar): In light of the Orlando mass shooting, the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada opens the fifth city hall Iftar with story of her immigration to Canada and a message promoting tolerance and diversity.

Les Forces armées canadiennes annoncent les programmes d’été pour les Autochtones (45e Nord) : Les programmes d’été des Forces armées canadiennes pour les Autochtones débuteront au début du mois d’août 2016 poursuivant une tradition d’offrir de l’instruction militaire à environ 150 participants provenant de partout au Canada.

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