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rsz moens analysis march 2016 coverRegistration is now open for the Roundtable on 13 April with UNHCR representative Mr. Furio De Angelis. Click here to register.

The CDA Institute is pleased to bring to your attention the C4ISR and Beyond event, designed to bring to the forefront the emerging technologies that are coming into play to meet the demanding needs and challenges of Canada. This event will be held on 20 April 2016 at the Fairmont Château Laurier. Register today.

We are pleased to release the top three papers from its 18th Annual Graduate Student Symposium as part of its Vimy Paper series.

Read the latest CDA Institute Analyses: “Canada’s Defence Policy Renewal: Broad Capabilities in an Allies and Partners Framework,” by Alexander Moens and “Charting the Course to a New Canadian Defence Policy: Insights from Other Nations,” by Charles Davies


Between Traitors and Politicians: Pakistan Military’s Internal Battlefronts – Part 1: CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Adnan Qaiser, a political and defence analyst with a distinguished career in the armed forces and international diplomacy, examines Pakistan’s civil-military mistrust in its historical context.

Between Pragmatism and Internationalism: The German Army in Ukraine and Syria: CDA Institute Security & Defence Blogger Michael Lambert, a PhD student at the Sorbonne Doctoral College & University of Tampere in France, explores Germany’s role in Ukraine and Syria.

Arctic Ports for Canadian Seapower – Part 2: CDA Institute guest contributor Timothy Choi, a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies in Calgary, explores the possible role of Arctic ports in facilitating Canadian seapower. This is Part 2 of a two-part series.

Arctic Ports for Canadian Seapower – Part 1: CDA Institute guest contributor Timothy Choi, a doctoral candidate at the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies in Calgary, explores the possible role of Arctic ports in facilitating Canadian seapower. This is Part 1 of a two-part series.

Arms to Saudi Arabia: No Happy Solution: CDA Institute Advisory Council member Richard Cohen explores some of the issues surrounding Canada’s decision to sell military equipment to Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to Turkey, Canada needs to continue speaking out: CDA Institute guest contributor Chris Kilford, a fellow at Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy, explores the growing authoritarianism and instability in Turkey.


Nova Scotia crew pulls off daring Arctic rescue in Nunavut (Chronicle Herald): When a plane that discovered survivors landed in a remote tundra valley, it broke down, prompting a call to Greenwood’s 413 Squadron, the Greenwood-based group that provides search-and-rescue all the way up the east coast to Baffin Island.

Canada’s spy agencies looking to work together more: documents (Metro News): Documents obtained by Torstar News Service show the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) are looking for new and expanded ways to align their operations.

Le conseiller à la sécurité nationale du premier ministre prend sa retraite (98,5 FM) : Le conseiller à la sécurité nationale du premier ministre canadien, Richard Fadden, qui a déjà dirigé les services canadiens d’espionnage, prend sa retraite après une carrière de 39 ans dans la haute fonction publique.

Le Canada verse 42 millions $ pour contribuer à la sécurité nucléaire mondiale (98,5 FM) : Plus de 50 pays ont pris des engagements pour améliorer la sécurité nucléaire, dont le Canada, qui a promis de verser 42 millions $ pour contribuer à l’effort international.

ISIS seen as growing threat to Canadian peacekeepers in Sinai (CBC News): In a briefing note prepared for Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion in early November, officials warn that an “escalation of terrorist activity in the Sinai Peninsula poses new challenges with respect to the security of (Multinational Force and Observer) personnel, and has raised concerns about force protection.”

Military watchdog blasts pension wait times ( The military ombudsman and the NDP’s defence critic say they are being bombarded, sometimes daily, with complaints from retiring soldiers over delays in getting pension cheques – a problem the country’s defence minister vows to fix.

Les familles des vétérans sont mal informées et le suivi est défaillant (FM 93) : Il arrive fréquemment que les familles des anciens combattants ne sont pas mises au courant des programmes disponibles et que personne n’effectue de suivi auprès d’elles afin de s’assurer qu’elles reçoivent l’aide dont elles ont besoin, affirme l’ombudsman des vétérans, Guy Parent.

Ottawa hopes drone will help it break the ice (Toronto Star): The Coast Guard, Transport Canada, the National Research Council and the Royal Canadian Navy were part of the team that launched an unmanned vehicle off Fogo Island to find out if drones can help in icebreaking operations.

Un ex-commandant ne croit pas aux «solutions harmonieuses» du PLC (La Presse) : Peu importe le nombre de « solutions harmonieuses » au Canada, le pays doit saisir que la réalité à l’échelle mondiale est que des gens continuent de semer la mort, a affirmé Mike Day, l’ancien commandant des forces spéciales canadiennes.

DND has lost track of private contractors doing repairs, maintenance: audit (National Post): The Defence Department doesn’t know how many private contractors it is paying to repair vehicles and other army equipment, while at the same time it spends millions of dollars buying parts for equipment that could be obsolete or it plans to dispose of, according to a newly released audit.

Former University of Waterloo student tried to join al-Qaida in Syria: RCMP (National Post): In the spring of 2014, Kevin Omar Mohamed arrived in Turkey to join the Syrian terrorist group Jabhat Al-Nusra. Four days after arresting the 23-year-old former engineering student in Waterloo, the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team charged Mohamed with one count of participating in the activity of a terrorist group.

Federal direction to Canada’s spy agency on anti-terror bill C-51 largely secret (Metro News): Many passages of the ministerial direction to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on how to use new security laws were withheld from release due to provisions of the Access to Information Act.

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