Assassination Allegations Shake India-Canada Ties and Global Alliances

Jonathan Berkshire Miller, Jessica Davis, & Christian Leuprecht

Jonathan Berkshire Miller, Jessica Davis, and Dr. Christian Leuprecht join us for this week’s Expert Series to discuss India’s alleged involvement in the assassination of Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nijjar following Prime Minister Trudeau’s claim that Canadian Intelligence agencies were “pursuing credible allegations of a potential link” between Indian government agents to the assassination of Nijjar. 

Berkshire Miller explores the repercussions of public accusations of foreign interference against India on Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy, security partnerships, and economic ties in the region. He underscores the challenges of balancing relations with key players like the United States and Japan, who value India’s partnership. Additionally, it highlights the economic implications as India’s economic growth continues. 

Jessica Davis discusses the significance of intelligence in the Prime Minister’s statement regarding India’s involvement in the assassination. She emphasizes the potential impact of recent diplomatic expulsions on Canada’s intelligence in the Indo-Pacific region and the need to counter foreign interference effectively. She also mentions the ongoing foreign interference inquiry and its broader scope, suggesting that India’s interference will be included.

Dr. Christian Leuprecht discusses the historical tensions between Canada and India related to the Khalistan movement, emphasizing the significance of the 1985 Flight 182 bombing. He suggests that Canada’s public approach to addressing foreign interference from India may have political motivations, with limited economic consequences compared to issues with China. Additionally, there are concerns about Canada’s diminished standing in the world and its potential isolation in international affairs.

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