Write For Us

The CDA Institute encourages broad discussions on issues of defence and security. We accept written submissions on a rolling basis. While short op-eds require only the approval of our editorial committee to be published, all other submissions undergo double-blind peer-review.

We welcome authors from any background: students, scholars, serving or retired military personnel etc. to write for us, and encourage those authors to focus on their core areas of expertise.

The CDA Institute reserves the right to edit contributions to our portfolio of publications for coherence and space. Authors are responsible for the content of their papers. The views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Institute or its staff.


On occasion, we offer stipends for the writing up of Policy Papers and Threat Assessments that are timely and of strategic interest to the CDA Institute. To find out if your proposal fits the bill, please enquire at submissions@cdainstitute.ca 


Creating an Acquisition Model that Delivers

Policy Papers

CDA Institute Policy Briefs address and provide substantive commentary on current critical strategic security & defence issues for Canada and Canadians. Historical pieces that draw on lessons learned from recent operations or experiences will also be considered. Briefs are published regularly throughout the year and are featured on the CDA Institute’s website and all social media platforms.

On Track

ON TRACK is the official journal of the CDA Institute, published on a quarterly basis. Through its pages, the CDA Institute promotes informed public debate on security and defence issues and the vital role played by the Canadian Armed forces in society. The On Track journal brings together 4-6 short pieces on a single theme. Guest editors take charge of producing each edition, with the support of our staff. If you have a theme or concept you would like to pitch, please contact us at submissions@cdainstitute.ca.  

Threat Assessments

The Threat Assessment Series are regularly released written publications that identify and detail a traditional, ongoing, emergent, and/or future threat to Canadian national security.