The Conference of Defence Associations Institute is a non-partisan research organization with official charitable status, whose mandate is to provide research support to the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) and promote informed public debate on national security and defence issues.

The CDA Institute fulfills its mandate by publishing many well-researched strategic articles, blogs, Vimy Papers, and its ON TRACK journal. It also champions and organizes many events, including:

  • Vimy Award – this Award recognizes one Canadian who has made an outstanding contribution to the security and defence of Canada and the preservation of our democratic values. Recipients of the Vimy Award, are honoured at a gala dinner held annually in November at the Canadian War Museum.
  • The Ross Munro Media Award is awarded to a Canadian journalist who has made an outstanding contribution to the general public’s understanding of Canadian security and defence issues.
  • Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence – Canada’s highly acclaimed debate on security and defence issues is held annually in Ottawa.
  • Annual Graduate Student Symposium – This seminar, held at the Royal Military College of Canada brings together Canada’s brightest young minds from across the country to present papers on security and defence issues.
  • Roundtables – between 9 to 12 roundtables are held on an annual basis on topics related to security and defence. These are conducted under the Chatham House Rule.
  • Strategic Speaking Engagements – by invitation, prominent speakers address current events attended by leaders of military and defence institutions

A review of our past activities can be found in our Annual Report FY 2015-2016.

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