Canadian Climate Security: Implications and Ways Forward | Part Two

Mitchell Binding, Alexander Landry, Andrew D. McNaughton

Part One of this climate security series introduced climate threats through the lens of security and stability followed by the strengths and weaknesses of Canada’s capacity to adapt to those threats. Part Two applies Canadian adaptive capacities to the climate threats it will face in order to analyse the implications to Canadian security and consider those threats which will affect Canada the most. Fundamentally, this paper series demonstrates and assesses the relationship as climate threats (Part One) minus adaptive capacity (Part One) equals implications (Part Two).

Further building on this analysis, it will be demonstrated that, in order to address these implications effectively, Canada should utilize a Whole-of-Government (WoG) approach and leverage its proficiencies in the Defence, Diplomacy, and Development (3D) model to structure a more robust and bold response moving forward.


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