BGen Colin Keiver: on commanding OP IMPACT in IRaq

“With this presentation, BGen Keiver provided us a level of insight into Canadian defence contributions in the Middle East that could, frankly, only have come from a Commander hot out of theatre. My thanks to CDA Institute for having set up this superb access.”

Gen (Ret’d) Tom Lawson

Former Chief of Defence Staff


On May 27 2019, in cooperation with our strategic sponsor KPMG, the CDA Institute hosted BGen Keiver two weeks after having returned from heading OP Impact, the Canadian mission in Iraq. This was his first speaking engagement on the topic. A by-invitation-only Expert Series event, it brought together a group of 33 select individuals including industry partners, representatives from close partner nations including NATO allies as well as all Five Eyes members. In the room also were CDA member associations, CDA Institute board members and advisors, as well as CDA Institute affiliated professors.

The goal was to generate a very intimate and candid opportunity to speak with the General and ask questions about the mission and his take on the security environment in Iraq in particular and the Middle East more generally. The event was held under Chatham House rules.



“The setting was great, not too many people, and ‘close’ to the speaker. The Chatham house rules made it perfect for asking more detailed and ‘difficult’ questions.”

Ton Linssen

Military Attaché for the Netherlands

“Kudos to the CDA Institute for organizing this event. Great venue, great turn-out (with distinguished guests!), I don’t know a lot of people who could have pulled this off in such a short timeframe.”

Caroline Leprince

Executive Director, Women in International Security, Canada

“I found the presentation very informative. The honest and candid outline of BGEN Keiver’s experiences were gold!”

Mike Salvador

Military Attaché for New Zealand

“Great event at the CDA Institute. BGen Colin Keiver’s presentation clearly demonstrated the Canadian Armed Forces « Engaged in the World » as a force for good in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.”

Lt Gen (ret) Alain Parent

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