Former Vice Chief of Defence Staff LGen Guy Thibault (ret’d) is named President of the Conference of Defence Associations & Chair of the CDA Institute

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

August 27, 2019

Ottawa, Ontario

Former Vice Chief of Defence Staff LGen Guy Thibault (ret’d) is named President of the Conference of Defence Associations & Chair of the CDA Institute

The Executive Council of the Conference of Defence Associations (CDA) and the Board of Directors of the CDA Institute are pleased to announce that LGen Guy Thibault (ret’d) was recently nominated to replace LGen Daniel Gosselin (ret’d) as the Chair of the CDA Institute and VAdm Denis Rouleau (ret’d) as the interim President of the Conference of Defence Associations.

 Lieutenant-General Guy Thibault retired from the Canadian Forces (CF) in August 2016 after 38 years of service. As a General Officer, he served as Commander Land Force Central Area; Deputy Commander Canadian Army; as well as the Defence Deputy CIO/CF J6 and Communications and Electronics Branch Leader. From 2011-2013 he served in as the first Canadian Chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board an entity of the Organization of American States. He concluded his military service as the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff serving three years as the second in command of the CF and was responsible and accountable to the Chief of the Defence Staff and the Deputy Minister to coordinate and direct strategic programs to ensure defence policy and strategic objectives were achieved.

“It is an honour for me to be associated with CDA and the CDA Institute and to work with the member associations, defence industry sponsors and the talented and dedicated members of the CDA Executive, CDA Board of Directors, Executive Director, and staff of the National Office.  Our Armed Forces cannot succeed without the help of our Allies, other GoC ministries and defence industry partners and other stakeholders. The CDA programs bring them all together.

Notwithstanding the the CDA’s proud 87-year legacy and how Canada has changed and adapted to threats to our national interests since then, institutions such as the CDA and CDA Institute are instrumental to shaping the debate and increasing knowledge on Canadian security and defence.   As Chairman and Interim President, I along with my colleagues on the CDA Executive and Institute Board, we are intent on modernizing, expanding our reach, exploiting social media and conducting expert research and analysis that is objective, credible and adds value to all of our stakeholders.” 

LGen Guy Thibault (ret’d)
Former Vice Chief of Defence Staff

The Conference of Defence Associations consists of 41 member associations who represent over 400 000 active and retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Its sister organization, the CDA Institute is a charity, which conducts research, education and recognition of excellence in defence and security. Our flagship events include the Vimy Gala (Nov 8, 2019), a Remembrance Day dinner which annually brings together the defence and security sector to honor the fallen and celebrate the inspiring contributions of the outstanding laureates of the Vimy Award and the Captain Nichola Goddard Award. The Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence (March 4-5, 2020) has been held annually at the Chateau Laurier since the founders of the Conference of Defence Association first converged there in 1932. The Ottawa Conference has since grown into an international event during which experts and practitioners from all corners of the world converge in Ottawa to reflect on global security and Canada’s role in the safeguard of democracy and human rights.

The CDA and the CDA Institute are wholly committed to delivering thought-provoking and relevant programs and activities that raise the level of debate in Canada on important military affairs in support of Canada’s defence and security interests.  For all those with an interest in defence and security in Canada, whether in government, industry, our member associations or academia – we encourage you get involved and helping us deliver on our important collective mission to serve our country and our community.

Both organizations would also like to express their sincere appreciation to VAdm Denis Rouleau and LGen Daniel Gosselin for their dedicated leadership, commitment and to the CDA and CDA Institute. We wish them the best success in all future endeavours.

On behalf of all member associations, volunteers, affiliated researchers, donors, sponsors and supporters of the CDA and the CDA Institute, as well as the broader Security and Defence community, we extend a warm welcome to LGen Thibault.

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