Hybrid Warfare: Fighting Back with whole-of-society tactics

October 6th, 2022 | 11:00 Am EST

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Hybrid Warfare is also known as grey zone conflict or unrestricted warfare. And these are just three of various terms now in circulation to describe the same phenomenon — multi-faceted attacks against a country that have serious implications for its national security and defense institutions. They may include military elements, but may also be mounted using cyber tools, public and commercial corruption, weaponization of legal systems, transnational organized crime, and disinformation campaigns, along with a host of other methods. Effective responses will demand an unprecedented level of cooperation between military, intelligence, cyber and other security experts in partnership with experts in the management of conflict in business, legal and public settings.

This webinar will reflect on the implications of this new type of warfare for Canada and other liberal democracies. It will highlight the need to build resilience and to increase collaboration between the private sector, the public sphere, and other relevant entities (NGOs, universities, hospitals, municipalities and more). In particular, panelists will assess how the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and other Western militaries are currently equipped to face these emerging threats, and will stress the need for enhanced cooperation and knowledge distribution between the armed forces and other entities with which they generally have little contact with.

Among the questions the webinar will consider are: How can the CAF enhance their capacity to respond to the evolving security risks posed by hybrid warfare? How can we increase collaboration between military and non-military actors to address this new form of conflict? Beyond awareness, what skills and tools do business leaders, lawyers, diplomats and politicians require? How can non-military initiatives enhance and broaden national defense resilience to this increasing threat? What barriers should stakeholders expect to encounter when dealing with this threat? How might these barriers best be addressed. 

This Metro Expert Series Webinar is organized in collaboration with Project Seshat,  a multinational group of experts organized to study and address the emerging threat of hybrid warfare. Find out more at https://www.project-seshat.org/.

Note: Should you encounter any difficulties registering for this event, please contact Jane at jane@cdainstitute.ca.