The Asia Foundation: 2017 Afghan Survey Results

Dr. André M. Levesque, CDA Institute Research Fellow, attended the 20 November presentation on the findings of The Asia Foundation’s 2017 Survey of the Afghan People and the associated discussion of the trends in citizens’ views over time. This annual nationwide opinion poll has been carried out since 2004. Despite security and economic concerns, the number of Afghans who say the country is moving in the right direction has increased and optimism has risen slightly. While national optimism has stabilized, there have been incremental improvements in the level of confidence in community-level institutions, growing confidence in the Afghan National Security Forces and support for women’s rights. The Survey recorded rising criticism for members of parliament, rising perceptions of insecurity, heightened fear for personal safety and indicated an increasing desire to migrate if afforded the opportunity. The complete 2017 Afghanistan Survey, in addition to resources, info-graphics and other data, can be found here.

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