Unpacking NSICOP’s Special Report: Foreign Interference in Canada

Steven Chase, Dick Fadden, & Wesley Wark

How serious are the allegations of foreign interference outlined in the NSICOP special report, and what steps will be taken to address them?

In this special edition of the Expert Series, experts discuss the implications of NSICOP’s Special Report on Foreign Interference in Canada’s Democratic Processes and Institutions.

The report, released by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, details serious allegations of parliamentarians collaborating with foreign actors.

Steven Chase from the Globe and Mail, former CSIS director Dick Fadden, and CIGI Senior Fellow Wesley Wark join the discussion to analyze the report’s findings and the implications of parliamentarians’ involvement in foreign interference operations, assess the current state of foreign interference in Canada and explore proactive strategies and mechanisms to safeguard Canadian democracy.

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