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What’s New?

CDA and CDA Institute host Minister of National Defence for speech on a new Defence Policy for Canada.

The CDA and CDA Institute with the Department of National Defence join in hosting the Minister of National Defence, The Honourable Harjit Sajjan for his initial speech on the upcoming Defence Policy release.  The text of the MND remarks, as well as his statement after the event:





The CDA Institute initial report and analysis of the Minister’s remarks:


Complete CPAC coverage of the MND speech plus the Q&A session (CPAC, 3 May)


In addition to CDA Institute commentary, there was extensive media coverage of the event as well:

Prior to the MND address, in addition to alluding to a possible reduction in future military acquisitions, the Globe and Mail and Maclean’s provided some perspective on military spending over decade and more.  (G&M, 3 May) (Maclean’s, 3 May)



The frank admission of a number of problems have plagued the defence portfolio for over a decade was welcomed by the audience.  A lack of detail on exactly how the government was expecting to address chronic ‘boom and bust’ funding by successive governments however, left many with questions to be answered. (G&M, 3 May)


MND peint une image sombre de l’état de la défense nationale. Tout en insistant sur le fait que le gouvernement s’est engagé à des investissements «importants» pour l’avenir, il demeurait vague sur ce que cela impliquerait. (La Presse, 3 mai)


MND’s frank and open assessment of difficulties faced by the DND and the CAF may foreshadow a national debate on the details of the new Defence Policy, with funding commitments, are released and MND heads to NATO summit. (The Star, 3 May)


MND, his reputation damaged by his remarks concerning his role in Afghanistan, faces another file  fraught with difficulty for him – a new Defence Policy.  There are high hopes amongst the ranks but also skepticism that it will address effectively the fundamental problems facing DND and the CAF. (National Post, 3 May)


MND outlines a ‘grim’ situation for CAF, but offers mixed signals about the extent to which the government will invest into the future. (ReportCA.net, 3 May)


MND focus on Defence Policy and some of the questions that follow from his speech do not deflect opposition from questioning his integrity. (Global News, 3 May)


Recent CDA Institute Blogs:

The most recent edition of the CDA Institute ON TRACK, featuring an analysis of Canadian defence policy considerations by the late Francis Furtado, may be found at:


MGen David Fraser (Retired) discusses the extension of the Canadian military mission in Iraq.


CDA Institute Aerograms – From our Research Fellow Howard Coombs

U.S. Army War College Library Periodical Articles for Current Awareness – May 2017.

Attached, courtesy of the US Army War College Library, are recent periodical articles of interest. Please note that many of the article links are not accessible outside the USAWC intranet, while others, labeled “Open Access” are available on the internet. The PAC can also be accessed at http: //usawc.libguides.com/currentawareness (extra two spaces after http: to prevent the URL from being stripped by spam filters).  I would like to thank Mr. Travis Ferrell, Research Librarian U.S. Army War College Library and U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, for sharing this material with us.

News around the World:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs marks the 20 anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention / La Ministre des Affaires étrangère note la 20e anniversaire de la Convention sur les armes chimiques



Reporting that German Chancellor Merkel may be supportive of an expansion of the Russian-backed peace talks for Syria. (Reuters, 2 May)


Retiring MGen Denis Thompson warns against skimping on support for future military missions (CBC 30 Apr)


John Ivison provides his perspective on the information from court documents made public concerning the case being made against VAdm Norman. (National Post, Apr 27)


Dr Elinor Sloan points out that behind the sensationalism, the case of the VCDS relieved of his responsibilities highlights the serious issue of the dysfunctional nature of military procurement in Canada. (Globe and Mail, 30 Apr)


Un autre quatre arrestations antiterroristes en France – la lutte contre la violence continue dans ce pays. (AFP 2 mai)


THAAD declared operational in South Korea however the upcoming 9 May general elections in that country will dictate whether it remains deployed as the Presidential frontrunner has indicated he may wish to reconsider. (AP 2 May)


Arrestation d’un officier junior des forces militaires Allemande pour avoir suivi une vie double comme activiste d’extrême droite. (AFP 2 mai)


Eight Malian soldiers are killed in the ongoing conflict in that country, where the UN and France continue to support the government.  (Al Jazeera, 2 May)


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