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From our CEO / De notre PDG

It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the untimely passing of Adam Day, Canadian War Correspondent, writer and 2012 recipient of the CDA Institute Ross Munro Media Award.  On behalf of all member associations of the CDA, the CDA Executive, Chair of the CDA, Vice Admiral Denis Rouleau (Retired), CDA Institute Board of Directors, Council of Advisers and Fellows, Chair of the CDA Institute Board, Major General Daniel Gosselin (Retired), CDA and CDA Institute staff and volunteers, and past recipients of the Ross Munro Media Award, I wish to offer our most sincere condolences to Adam’s family and friends at this difficult time. The obituary on Adam’s untimely passing can be found below.


I also wish to thank all those who have joined us in a series of excellent Round-tables and Special events in the past 2 months, as well as the outstanding contributors to the series of Defence Policy analyses regularly posted on our website, republished in our weekly ‘What’s New’. And there is more on the way!

J’aimerais remercier très chaleureusement le Lgen Richard Evraire qui continue à nous appuyer avec la traduction française de notre site internet qui demeure un projet en cours.

Last, and certainly not least, I would like to bring to your attention the announcement of the next Governor General of Canada, former astronaut Julie Payette, who in addtition to her many other duties and responsibilities, will become the next Patron of the CDA and the Vimy Award. Nous remercions chaleureusement son Excellence, le très honorable David Johnston et son épouse Sharon pour leur immense service pour le Canada et ses citoyens pendant les 7 dernières années en tant que Gouverneur-général.

Tony Battista

De nos Associations / From our Associations:

CF C&E Association: 

Save the Date – C&E Association Cyber Symposium – 26 Oct 2017 – Kingston, Ontario

The Communications and Electronics Association is proud to announce the first annual Cyber Symposium.  The objective of the symposium is to bring together leading cyber experts to explore a wide range of topics in this dynamic field.

The Association has approached a number of individuals to provide keynote addresses and to act as moderators or panelists.  Invited speakers include Mr. Richard Fadden – former Director of CSIS and Deputy Minister of National Defence, General Jonathan Vance – Chief of the Defence Staff, representative of the US National Security Agency, Dr. Christian Leuprecht(RMC), Dr. Sylvain Leblanc (RMC) and representatives from the Council of Canadian Innovators.   The Theme for the Symposium is ‘Cyber – Government, Academia, Industry – Our Collective Challenge and Opportunity’.  Invited speakers along with others will cover topic areas such as:

  • Cyber – A National Security Perspective
  • The Role of the Canadian Armed Forces in Cyber Operations
  • Cyber Operations in Coalition Operations
  • The Role of DND/CAF in Driving Cyber Innovation
  • Training and Recruitment Challenge of Cyber Specialists
  • The Impact of the new National Security Legislation and Oversight on DND/CAF

The Cyber Symposium will be held on 26 October 2017 at the Residence Inn, Kingston, Ontario.   The symposium is expected to provide an excellent opportunity to share information and to engage others in this ever increasing complex and challenging cyber environment.  Registration and sponsorship/exhibitor information will be available shortly.

Upcoming CDA and CDA Institute Events

Vimy Award Gala Dinner

Corporate table sponsorships for the Vimy Award Gala Dinner are now on sale!

Reserve your table of 10 today and be a sponsor of this commemorative year for the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Vimy Award Gala Dinner.

Additional enhanced sponsorship opportunities are now available.

For more information on the Vimy Award Gala Dinner visit http://cdainstitute.ca/events/vimy-award-gala-dinner/

 Due to high demands, all sponsorships are sold on a first come first serve basis – don’t delay!

Graduate Student Symposium

Foster our leaders of tomorrow

Registeration and Sponsorships opportunities are now open for the Graduate Student Symposium.

Please visit our web site http://cdainstitute.ca/events/graduate-student-symposium/ for further information.

You may also contact Jennifer Giguere, Director of Business Development and Programs directly for more information or to book your sponsorship:  jennifer@cdainstitute.ca

Recent CDA Institute Web Updates/Dernières mises à jour sur le Site internet de l’Institut de la CAD:





The first annual Captain Nichola Goddard “Game Changer” Award

The call for nominations may be found here:




The Annual Vimy Award 

Submissions are now being accepted. Details on the award and how to make a submission may may be found here:



De notre Chargé de Recherche Howard Coombs – Aerograms de l’Institut de la CAD / CDA Institute Aerograms – From our Research Fellow Howard Coombs:

1. The Wages of War Without Strategy

I would like to thank Lieutenant-Colonel Erik Liebert, currently serving in Ottawa, for sharing this information with us. The comments below are from Erik.

https://warontherocks.com/2017/01/the-wages-of-war-without-strategy-part-i-clausewitz-vietnam-and-the-roots-of-strategic-confusion/ Recent developments suggest that the first article was very prescient.  It presents a very blunt critique of US actions since Viet Nam, attributing ongoing challenges to the failure to learn from past lessons and a lack of understanding of the major tenets of Clausewitz.

https://thestrategybridge.org/the-bridge/2017/6/20/the-wages-of-war-without-strategy The second article presents a critique on the woolly thinking underpinning the Global War on Terror,  the US public’s penchant for a simplified (Twitterized) view of the world, and the breakdown of the relationship between the soldier and the state.  This article focuses on presenting an brief overview of the events that brought us to our current predicament.

This series is still unfolding, so I am not sure how Cassidy and Tame intend to wrap this up.  The only thing that is certain is that Clausewitz will figure prominently in the narrative.

2. USAWC Periodical Articles of Interest and a LIBRARY ALERT

Attached, courtesy of the US Army War College Library, are recent periodical articles of interest. Please note that many of the article links are not accessible outside the USAWC intranet, while others, labeled “Open Access” are available on the internet. The PAC can also be accessed at http://usawc.libguides.com/currentawareness

Below is a USAWC Library alert concerning a USAWC Integrated Research Project about Risk Assessment, Resources about Russia, Missiles, North Korea, China, Refugees, ISIL, and the Belt and Road Initiative and Europe.

I would like to thank Mr. Travis Ferrell, Research Librarian U.S. Army War College Library and U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, for sharing this material with us.

Note: The links to the resources below may be found on the following webpage:


I. USAWC Integrated Research Project

1-A. “At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World” by Nathan P. Freier et al, USAWC War College Press

1-B. “Assessing Risk in the 21st Century” (recorded webcast) Center for Strategic & International Studies

II. Other Resources

2. “Russia Military Power: Building a Military to Support Great Power Aspirations” Defense Intelligence Agency

3. MissileThreat, Center for Strategic & International Studies Missile Defense Project

4. “Integrating Strike and Defense” (recorded conference) Center for Strategic & International Studies

5. “Rolling Back the Growing North Korean Threat” by Barry Pavel and Robert A. Manning, Atlantic Council

6. “First Strike: China’s Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia” by Thomas Shugart and Javier Gonzalez, Center for a New American Security

7. “Managing U.S.-China Relations: American and Chinese Perspectives: A Report Launch” (recorded webcast and pdf’s of reports) Center for Strategic & International Studies

Panel #1: Military and Regional Affairs

Panel #2: Economics, Global Governance & Domestic Politics

8. “Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2016” UNHCR

9. “The Origins and Evolution of ISIS in Libya” by Jason Pack, Rhiannon Smith, and Karim Mezran (report) Atlantic Council

10. “Journey to the West: Chinese Opportunities in European Infrastructure Expansion” by Maximilian Gebhardt, Atlantic Council

“VR Howard”

News around the World / Nouvelles dans le monde

CDA Institute Research Assistant Dur-e-Aden discusses the realities of “Lone Wolf Terrorism” (The Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society, 5 July)

Why Lone Wolves Terrorists are Not So Alone Anymore


ASPI ED Peter Jennings on the North Korean crisis.  (ASPI, 8 July)


The battle for Mosul is won.  But can Iraq survive? (The Guardian, 10 July)


La Chine envoie des soldats à Djibouti, sa première base à l’étranger (La Presse, 12 juillet)


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