VIMY PAPER 35RHÉTORIQUE GÉOPOLITIQUE AU SERVICE DE LA POLITIQUE IDENTITAIRE: Le rôle du gouvernement, des médias et des forces armées dans le cas de l’arctique 

By Jonathan Lafontaine

VIMY PAPER 34THE STRATEGIC OUTLOOK FOR CANADA 2017 Strategy and Mission after the Defence Policy Review By David McDonough, PhD and Col Charles Davies (Ret.)

VIMY PAPER 33THE FOURTH DIMENSION: The F-35 Program, Defence Procurement, and the Conservative Government, 2006-2015 By Richard Shimooka

VIMY PAPER 32FLEET-REPLACEMENT AND THE ‘BUILD AT HOME’ PREMIUM: Is It Too Expensive to Build Warships in Canada? By Eric Lerhe

VIMY PAPER 31 – CANADA, NORAD, AND MISSILE DEFENCE: Prospects for Canadian Participation in BMD By David S. McDonough


VIMY PAPER 29 – Innovation in Contact with the Enemy: Special Forces and Counterinsurgency in Iraq By Rebecca Jensen

VIMY PAPER 28 – Bombs at Home or Fighters Abroad: Domestic Security Policy and its Impact on Migration of Foreign Fighters By Raphaël Leduc

VIMY PAPER 27 – The Strategic Outlook for Canada 2016: In Search of a New Compass By Ferry de Kerckhove

VIMY PAPER 26Competition in Defence Procurement: The Popular Choice, but not Always the Right One By Charles Davies

VIMY PAPER 25 – Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terroism: Conundrum for Domestic and International Communities By Tannuva Akbar

VIMY PAPER 24The Canadian Response to Radicalization to Violence By Dashiell Dronyk

VIMY PAPER 23 Canada’s Quest for New Submarines By Rob Burroughs

VIMY PAPER 22 – THE STRATEGIC OUTLOOK FOR CANADA: The eclipse of reason 2015 By Ferry de Kerckhove

VIMY PAPER 21PUTTING THE ‘ARMED’ BACK INTO THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES Improving Defence Procurement in Canada By Dave Perry

VIMY PAPER 20Canada’s Defence Procurement Strategy: An End or a Beginning? By Charles Davies

VIMY PAPER 19The Growing Gap Between Defence Ends And Means: The Disconnect Between the Canada First Defence Strategy And the Current Defence Budget By David Perry

VIMY PAPER 18 – Defence Transformation and Renewal: Teeth, Tails and Other Myths By Charles Davies

VIMY PAPER 17Bipolarity in the Middle East: The Regional Implications of a Nuclear Iran By Eric Thomson

VIMY PAPER 16 –  Why No Nuclear Domino? The Case of North Korea and its Neighbours By Alexandre Léger

VIMY PAPER 15Great Power Transitions and Canada’s Security Interests in the Asia-Pacific Region By Shakir Chambers

VIMY PAPER 14 – Strategic Outlook for Canada: A Search for Leadership By Ferry de Kerckhove and George Petrolekas

VIMY PAPER 13Doing Less With Less: Canadian Defence Transformation and Renewal By David Perry

VIMY PAPER 12Canadian Security Interests: Looking Beyond By Bill McAuley

VIMY PAPER 62013 Strategic Outlook for Canada By Ferry de Kerckhove and George Petrolekas

VIMY PAPER 5The Strategic Outlook for Canada By Paul Chapin and George Petrolekas

VIMY PAPER 4 – The Strategic Impact of Energy Dependency By Brian MacDonald 

VIMY PAPER 3 – Canadians and Asia-Pacific Security By Brian MacDonald 

VIMY PAPER 2Defence Requirements for Canada’s Arctic By Brian MacDonald 

VIMY PAPER 1Creating an Acquisition Model that Delivers By Conference of Defence Associations Institute


CDA Institute analysis

Defence Austerity: The Impact to Date By David Perry

Canada and the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan By Meghan Spilka O’Keefe with George Petrolekas

The Next Generation Fighter Capability Annual Update as Reviewed by KPMG By George Petrolekas & David Perry

Canadian Whole of Government Operations: Kandahar 09/2010 – 07/2011 By Dr. Howard G. Coombs

Leading from Behind is Still Leading: Canada and the International Intervention in Libya By David Perry


Special Study

Security in an Uncertain World: A Canadian Perspective on NATO’s New Strategic Concept By Paul. H.Chapin


CDA Institute report

Towards an International Model for Canadian Defence Procurement? An F-35 Case Study By Richard Shimooka


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