NORAD Briefing Session

“The event provided an excellent forum for considering challenges to the current state and required evolution of NORAD. Thanks”

Paul Comeau

Chief Scientist, ADM(S&T), Defence Research and Development Canada , Government of Canada

“Great event, very informative about the challenges facing NORAD in this fast changing threat environment and the role commercial industry can play”

Sunil Chavda

Director Future Systems and Engineering, Telesat Canada

“I look forward to attending future events with the CDA. This was my first time I was very impressed”

Graeme McLaughlin

Government Relations and Business Operations Analyst, Lockheed Martin Canada


In order to get industry, academia, and government talking together about the how NORAD can be modernized to protect North America from new threats (cyber, hypersonic weapons, etc.), the Conference of Defence Associations Institute has put together a delegation of industry leaders and CAF decision makers to visit Colorado Springs for talks with the senior-most officers at the heart of NORAD, including the NORAD/NORTHCOM Commander, General O’Shaughnessy. The trip was scheduled for October 10, 2019, with follow-up meetings to take place in Winter 2020. 


In the lead-up to these meetings, we held a bilateral briefing session with two subject matter experts: Professor Joseph T. Jockel from Saint Lawrence University in New York and Professor James Fergusson from the University of Manitoba, which brought together guests from both sides of the border, including 20 guests on site in Ottawa and 20 more calling in from across the continent. The panelists presented and took questions from the floor on the following themes:


What is the current NORAD coverage/footprint? 

What would the future NORAD coverage look like?

What was the traditional cost sharing between the U.S. and Canada for this program?

What would make the Canadian government more interested in supporting a NORAD renewal?

How can we capitalize on converging technology to solve multiple requirements (NORAD/NATO)?

What impact will the “buy American first” strategy have on a modernization project?

Are there any distinctive Canadian capability niches that need to be positioned/leveraged?


The event was hosted at KPMG Canada offices in Ottawa and was presided by Rich Foster of L3Harris.