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ON TRACK is the official journal of the CDA Institute. Through its pages, the CDA Institute promotes informed public debate on security and defence issues and the vital role played by the Canadian Armed forces in society. ON TRACK facilitates this educational mandate by featuring a range of articles that explore security, defence, and strategic issues that may have an impact on the Canadian strategic interests and on the safety of its citizens. The views expressed in ON TRACK are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the CDA Institute.


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The Editors invite submissions of unpublished manuscripts on all topics related to the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada’s security and defence policy, and international security more broadly. Publication in ON TRACK is at the discretion of the Editors.

Submissions should be 2,000 words maximum and be sent in electronic format to Ms. Leah West, LLM, JD and Dr Robert Martyn at submissions@cdainstitute.ca.

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Volume 25

introduction: defence procurement offsets as implemented in canada, and a european angle

Author: Charles Davies

Most Canadians will understand, at least at a conceptual level, that the nation’s ability to afford the defence, security and other capabilities it needs depends upon not only political will but also the strength of its economy.  Most would also acknowledge that, as a trading nation, Canada needs to make some level of ongoing contribution to the maintenance of adequate continental security read more…

defence industrial policy, procurement and offset multipliers


Author Ugurhan Berkok

Mandatory offsets in defence procurement are policy instruments used by forty or so countries to leverage their procurement contracts to develop domestic industries either for operational and strategic reasons or for economic development objectives otherwise-called infant-industries. These policies amount to import substitution by read more…

offsetting right: what can be the right balance between expectations and companies’ commitment?

Author Renaud Bellais

This paper analyses offset requirements from a European perspective, through the lens of major arms-producing countries and their companies committed to international contracts. How to work together with arms-importing countries to make offsets right? What are the valuable experiments to help design the most effective defence industrial policy linked to offsets? read more…

defence procurement offsets and their value in canada

Author J. Craig Stone

Most economist have a negative view on the issue of offsets and there is a significant amount of literature that questions the long-term value of offsets. Kogila Balakrishnan made the point that “both theoretical and empirical discussions, mainly in the form of case studies, by the majority of the economists conclude that offsets overall has had very little positive impact on economic development.” read more…

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