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We provide Canadians from all professional backgrounds with leading Security & Defence policy analysis. Be sure to read our publications, and feel free to contact us should you wish to contribute to our vast library!


Encouraging Others

There are many ways for you to contribute to the discussion with the CDA Institute.  From volunteering with our team on events and building our network, contributing research and analysis for publication or making a charitable donation, there is a place for you with CDA Institute.

Recognizing Excellence

We annually recognize great Canadians through our Awards Program, which includes the Vimy Award, the Ross Munro Media Award, and the Nichola Goddard “Game Changer” Award. Learn more about the recipients and how to nominate a deserving Canadian.

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Recent News

Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency: Time for Action

by Alistair Hensler & Tyler Berry Canada’s diffuse and relatively decentralized intelligence community is unique among democratic nations. The incapacity to covertly collect foreign human intelligence (HUMINT) abroad places Canada among a...

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Now that I’ve been a few months in office, I owe you all an update about the direction that the organization has begun taking under my watch. My philosophy thus far has been to develop a higher impact / lower cost approach that is volunteer-driven and strategically focused.

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NATO at 70: A sign of the times?

Usually, every ten years, NATO member-states convene and negotiate a new Strategic Concept, a living document that gives purpose and direction to the Alliance. Since the last such discussion happened in Lisbon in 2010, when it was endorsed by NATO Heads of...

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BUDGET 2019 OVERVIEW – Defence and Security

Not unexpectedly in an election year, and nearly two years removed from the publication of Strong, Secure, Engaged, Canada’s Defence Policy, Budget 2019 contains relatively little in the way of new defence commitments, although it does have a section on...

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Future of Canada’s Cybersecurity

*Image courtesy of itworldcanada.comBy Andriyha Soans            Computer technology today is ubiquitous. In 2017, there was an estimated 3 billion hand held devices in circulation across the globe with a 50 per cent increase expected by 2020.[i] These...

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