Senate Boardroom, Robertson Hall, 6th floor, Carleton University (RO on Carleton Campus map)

Ottawa light-rail system, Confederation Line (Line 1) opens September 14th. It will connect you from anywhere downtown to Carleton University.

If not, we’ll operate a shuttle in the mornings of 24th and 25th from downtown Ottawa (Courtyard Inn by Marriott, Byward Market area) to Robertson Hall and back at the end of each day.

Lunches during the conference can be purchased at the Café in Robertson Hall (5th floor) or at the university eateries hall nearby in the University Centre , UC on campus map above.

Pre-Workshop meeting occasion, Wednesday, October 23rd from 18:30 at Aulde Dubliner & Pour House .

Workshop dinner at The Brig Pub (Fixed menu with some choices will cost $70.)

THURSDAY October 24, 2019


SESSION 1: (9:00-10:20)

  • Asmaa Yaseen (Economic Researcher, Iraqi Ministry of Oil), “Effects of Terrorism on Labor Market: A Case Study of Iraq”

Discussant: James McNeil (Queen’s University)

  • Samuel MacIsaac & Dane Rowlands (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton Univ.), “The micro-determinants of internal migration in Iraq after the Second Gulf War: the roles of violence and ethnicity”

Discussant: Ryan Compton (University of Manitoba)

BREAK (10:20-10:40)


SESSION 2: (10:40-12:00)

  • Elise Critoph & Louis Hotte (UOttawa), “Of Peace and Conflict: Posturing of Bellicose Souls”

Discussant: Alex Chernoff (Bank of Canada)

  • Ryan Compton (Univ. of Manitoba), Bryan Paterson (RMC) & Karl Skogstad (Lakehead Univ.), “Civil war and state capacity”

Discussant: Patrick Alexander (Bank of Canada)

LUNCH (12:00-1:20)

SESSION 3: (1:20-2:40)

  • Renaud Bellais (ENSTA Bretagne), “Diversity and resilience in defence capabilities: A European contribution to the transatlantic alliance”

         Discussant: Bryan Paterson (RMC)

  • Jacques Aben (Univ. de Montpellier) & Jean-Pierre Maury, “The wage policy of the French defence ministry, between labour market competition and public deficit reduction”

         Discussant: Vincent Chandler (Univ. du Québec en Outaouais)

BREAK (2:40-3:00)

SESSION 4: (3:00-4:20)

  • Robert Beeres (Dutch Def Academy) & Jeroen Wittgen, “European burden sharing in counter-piracy operations: A quantitative analysis of military contributions 2009-2017

Discussant:  Mohamed Douch (RMC)

  • Yang Xiaoxin & Chen Bo (Institute of Defense Economics and Management, Central Univ. of Finance and Economics), “Defense Burden and the Effects of Others: From Neighbors to Allies”

Discussantt: Karl Skogstad (Lakehead Univ.)





SESSION 5: (9:00-10:20)

  • CDA Institute Panel: Defence procurement offsets as implemented in Canada and a European angle

Host: CDA Institute

Moderator: Lorraine Ben (CEO Lockheed Martin Canada)

         Panelists: Philippe Richer (ISED), Renaud Bellais (MBD Systems – France), Kim Nossal (Queen’s Univ.), Craig Stone (Canadian Forces College), Ugurhan G. Berkok (RMC and Queen’s Univ.)

BREAK (10:20-10:40)


SESSION 6: (10:40-12:00)

  • Panel: The art and science of resource management in the RCAF

         Moderator: Ross E. Fetterly (Col Ret, TBA)

Panelists: Binyam Solomon (PBO and Carleton Univ.), “The Political Economy of the Royal Canadian Air Force”, Craig Stone  (CFC),“The Canadian Aerospace Industry: An Important Segment of the Defence Industrial Base”, Lynne Serré (CORA at DRDC) “Personnel Issues: Attrition Forecasting and Production Planning”

Discussants: Elinor Sloan (Carleton Univ.), Col Daniel Charbonneau (RCAF Comptroller)

LUNCH (12:00-1:20)

SESSION 7: (1:20-2:40)

  • Panel: “Proxy Warsby Eli Berman & David Lake (University of California San Diego)

A discussion session: An application of principal-agent theory yields powerful insights into the relationship between a powerful state and a local proxy. When principals use rewards and punishments tailored to the agent’s domestic politics, proxies typically comply with principals’ wishes.  

Moderator: Charles Keita (Defence Fellow, NPSIA)

Discussants: Eli Berman (Univ. of California San Diego), Maj Gen (Ret) Denis Thompson, Frank Milne (Queen’s Univ.), Christian Breede (RMC), Laura Armey (Naval Postgraduate School)

BREAK (2:40-3:00)

SESSION 8: (3:00-4:20)

  • Laura Armey (Naval Postgraduate School), “Fighting to Learn: The Impact of combat on pursuit of higher education”

Discussant: Tania Yazbek (CORA at DRDC)

Ugurhan G. Berkok (RMC & Queen’s Univ.), “Offsetting offsets by multipliers?”

Discussant: Oana Secrieru (RMC)