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We provide Canadians from all professional backgrounds with leading Security & Defence policy analysis. Be sure to read our publications, and feel free to contact us should you wish to contribute to our vast library!

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We encourage Canadians to learn more about and support Canadian Security & Defence. We welcome you to join us at one of our many premier events. Through attending, donating, or sponsoring, your contributions fuel our extensive annual program.

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We annually recognize great Canadians through our Awards Program, which includes the Vimy Award, the Ross Munro Media Award, and the Nichola Goddard “Game Changer” Award. Learn more about the recipients and how to nominate a deserving Canadian.

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Observing the Invictus Games

Dr. Andrew Burtch, Historian, post-1945, Canadian War Museum   The 40-degree heat was oppressive, unrelenting, and there was no relief from the noon sun as Major Simon Mailloux, who still serves with the Royal 22nd Regiment, pushed himself to finish the last 100...

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Law: On the North Korean Threat: Part II

The Almost Perfect Ploy: How to Understand the Accelerated Enhancement of the North Korean Threat Part II: Seeing through the China-Russia Korean Agenda David Law   Western observers almost invariably claim that China is opposed to Kim the Third’s nuclear bombast,...

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Law: On the North Korean Threat

The Almost Perfect Ploy: How to Understand the Accelerated Enhancement of the North Korean Threat   Part I: Rethinking the Threat   David Law     Since 2012, North Korea has succeeded in significantly enhancing its capacity to carry out nuclear explosions and to...

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Law: “Descent into Dictatorship?”

David Law discusses the impact and possible intent behind the style of governance being practiced by the United States Administration. America’s descent into chaos moved into a higher gear this past week. It will take a lot of civil courage on the part of a lot of...

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February 22-23, 2018
Chateau Laurier, Ottawa ON


The Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence is largest public conference of its kind in Canada addressing security and defence policy, military capability planning and analysis.

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